A space with classic and refined decoration, an intimate atmosphere and gastronomy of reference...


Its warm and distinctive atmosphere, combined by the refinement and elegance of a noble house from the 18th century, have everything to stay in your memory. The delicacies we prepare have the ability to elevate gastronomic experiences to a level of excellence, surrounded by all the nostalgia of the bourgeoisie. The originality of our suggestions, we highlight the Brunch that is served daily.

A luxury brunch worthy of a member of the bourgeoisie


For those who prefer to have breakfast later, indulge with the ex-libris of Palacete Chafariz D'El Rei. The Royal Brunch that we serve daily is appreciated and praised by all who have tried it. The menu is very diverse and distinct, with high quality products, which results in a unique gastronomic experience.